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Arlington, Florida (NE Florida)
Cockatiels & lovebird

2-5yrs. 904 721-0987.



























N'side - NE Florida
Cockatiel CINNAMON

No Band, NotClipped "Harley" 904 751-1160.
S'side (NE Florida)
Parrot - Green & Pink, red beak.

904 725-0366.
Eustis (Orlando), Florida

Lovebird named "Lucy". She has a green body with an orange or
"peachy" head and breast. She was lost in Eustis, Florida (35 miles north of Orlando). She will come to her name if called, and if hungry, and will come for crackers, granola bars (no chocolate), graham crackers or other crunchy "people" food. Please call (352) 406-6585 if found.
Naples, Florida
Gray Cockatiel

From birdhotline, parrot911. Male with yellow head, orange cheeks. Name is Skyler. He has a mate and she misses him (so do the rest of us). Jane: janekat062@yahoo.com. 239-596-0650. Lost on 8/29/04. Reward.
Jacksonville, Florida
South African Ringneck
From birdhotline: Pongo is brilliant green with a bright pink ring around his neck. He has a black strip from each ear. His beak is bright red. His wings had been clipped, but he got out under a screen while I was cleaning his cage, and caught a breeze that quickly and was on the roof. By the time I could get up to the roof he had disappeared. I saw him the next day high up in a tree, and he tried so hard to get down to me. Tina tinabeckner@hotmail.com. Lost on: 08/25/2004
FT Lauderdale, Florida
African greys congo - 3 females

3 female african greys congos escaped on 8/21/04 1030 am , very large reward for their return email me with any sights or capture.
email: http://birdmart.com/classifieds/lost/topic1222/
FT Lauderdale
Greenwing Macaw Baby
Baby greenwing macaw escaped on 8/21/04 this baby is still being handfed and Im offering a very large reward for her capture or sighting with capture, Im very heartbroken over this loss please anyone with any info dont hesitate to e-mail. http://birdmart.com/classifieds/lost/topic1223/
Seffner/Brandon, Florida . . . Gunry
African Grey
2 months old. Flew off in the Seffner/Brandon area. All Gray with a few red splotches on your tail. Still hand feeding in the morning and in the evening. Does not talk yet. Any information please call me at 813-612-3630. jacqueline.osborne@shawgrp.com
Hilliard, Florida
Congo African Gray Parrot
2 Alex is very mild tempored and loves attention. He was lost around Darby High School (Hoffman Farms}. His colors are more drastic than that of most grays. His most unusual sayings are "yo mamma", "Who's yo daddy?", "Alex go bye-bye?", and "It's okay". He makes noises like a chicken, duck, dog, cat, and snores. Call (614)-529-2987 or (614)-783-5335 if you have any information. He will probably stick to the trees, but flys in wide circles when in the air. If you talk to him he will tilt his head and watch you.
Coconut Creek, Florida 33066
Parrot - Gray / White (Female)
about 8 inches long all gray with red tail name is teddi weight about 4 grams. Phone: 954-895-2583. http://pets.lostandfound.com/detail.html
Yulee (NE Florida)
Macaw - Blue & Gold
"Knucklehead." 904 225-5766 or 994-3560.

Articles - Recovering Your Bird
08/12/2004 (date posted)
Cockatiel - Yellow
Mostly yellow body with a little light gray - orange on cheeks. Submitted by: glaister jones -- jonesgroup3@wmconnect.com

Lauderhill/Sunrise/Tamarc Area, Florida
Cockatoo - Gray / Peach (Female)
Gray back and wings, Dark pink (rose color) chest and light pink crown. If seen please email Reward if found.

A Success Story

A Remarkable Success Story
Sunrise, Fl
African Grey
2 Lost on 8/05/04 Ozzy. African Grey tame with band on leg. This bird is an excellant escape artist. lost in area of commecial blvd,and pine island road. He is a real people lover and talks up a storm. He whistles the Rocken Robin theme and calls my daughters name to "time to get up" I hand fed this bird and am totally devestated to think he is gone forever,If sighted or found Please e-mail me. He is banded, and I can provide pictures to aide in identification. He lives in the Vicenty of Commercial Blvd, and Pine Island Rd in Sunrise, Florida. Please E-mail if sighted or found. .http://birdmart.com/classifieds/lost/topic1198/
Hialeah, Florida
Pied Cockatiel
Reward if found! Orli is about a year and a half old male pied cockatiel, approximatly 10" from head to tip of tail. His head is all yellow with orange cheeks and his body is mostly gray with whiteish-yellow patches throughout his body. Go to: http://www.birdhotline.com/viewlos2.htm for photo. vchic521@aol.com
Jacksonville, Florida
Cockatiel - normal (male)

with orange patch cheeks and yellow crest face white on face and wings. name is tiger says hi. http://www.missingpets.com/mp_tips.asp?ROW_ID=27669
Tampa, Florida . . . Mahre
Blue Indian Ringneck
Beautiful blue/teal 1 1/2 yr old Indian Ringneck about 8-9 inch body size & long tail w/definitive black ring around neck going up to the beak also on top of beak under eyes. Talks, says peek a boo, trick or treat, bye-bye, give me a kiss & lots of other phrases. Loves to ride in the car on the headrest. Lost at Davis Island in Tampa across from dog park where the boats moor. We miss her terribly. Reward. 813-259-1249. atchevys1226@cs.com
Gibsonton, Florida
african grey - female

Smokey, a 1 year old female african grey weighing 1 lbs, last seen on East Bay Road in Gibsonton (Usa County) near the intersection of symes rd . Smokey is an african grey timmith. maroon tail. Smokey doesn't talk much but makes a sound like a police whistle. MY TEENS WERE FIGHTING AND 1 OPENED THE DOOR AND SMOKEY FLEW OUT, SHE HAS ONLY 3 FLIGHT FEATHERS ON BOTH SIDE.
Please contact Debra Marino email: silvercloudinc@verizonmail.com at 813-671-9169 or 813-633-5712.

Miami, Florida
Gray Bird with Red tail
(Congo African Gray?)
Lost Gray Bird with Red tail. Reward. Joanne 305-926-0670. Posted 04 Aug 2004 in Miami New Times, Miami, Florida.

Naples, Florida
Cockatiel - lutino with red eyes

Hi, my name is Aaron. I lost my cockatiel on July 31st in East Naples. I'm hoping that if someone finds her, hopefully they might call you. She is a lutino with red eyes. Please call me at 248-9001 or 775-3592 if you get anything. I really miss her. Thank you. For photo go to: http://www.birdhotline.com/viewlos2.htm

Marage, Florida . . .
Cockatiel-yellow with a little brownish gray & orange on cheeks
I lost my best friend, cockatiel on July 29, 2004. I am offering a 100.00 reward for his/her safe return. I never found out if Glaistar is a male/female, but I miss Glaistar terribly. My wife, knowing my wife, will take good care of the person returning our cockatiel. He is mostly yellow with a little brownish gray and orange on cheeks. I just had his eye taken care of. It was swolen and I am worried about him - I would be eternally grateful for the return. Answers to the name of Glaistar, Star, Shining Star. he is very pretty yellow - on his crest and a yellow and gray body - phone 954-973-1955 at home or 954 741-3003 at work or 754-245-3281 cell. jonesgroup3@wmconnect.com
Coral Gables, Florida . . .
Congo African Grey
Bird is banded on left leg. Reward is offered for return. Contact owner at (305) 301-0352. Ad placed in Miami Herald lost section 8/14.
Miami, Florida (near the falls)
Mini macaw
Mini yellow collared macaw in miami fl near the falls. Green body, black head, yellow collar, red/blue tail feathers, single yellow feather on breast. Banded leg. Name is Serge. Lost (cross streets etc) SW 128 Street/SW 87th. 1.5 years. Says: "What are you doing?" Reward. Amanda. (305) 962-9910. email seecatz@yahoo.com
Orlando, Florida
African Grey
Maestro. Lost in Bristol Park in SW Orlando off Apopka Vineland. Flew into Brentwood Club. Searching with no luck. Two years old, my pal. Talks, says givme a kiss, and maestro. osuna1948@aol.com
Southwest Orlando, Florida
African Grey
Lost: brentwood club in southwest orlando on 7/30/04. His name is Maestro. lost on 7/25/04. Hoping for a miracle.

Santa Rosa Beach (Walton County), Florida
Amazon Parott - female
Martina, a 2 year old female Amazon Parott weighing 0.5 lbs, last seen on 256 Woodland Bayou Drive in Santa Rosa Beach (Walton County) near the intersection of Highway 98 and Don Bishop Road. Green amazon with light blue head and yellow cheeks. Red tail feathers. Has a band but do not know the numbers on it. Martina was on my screened porch and an out-of-town relative left the screen door open.
Please contact Barbara Stratton email: b.stratton@mchsi.com at 850-267-0280.

Glen St Marys, Florida
Blue and Gold Macaw
Please help. Mickey is an 8-year-old Blue and Gold macaw. He flew away this evening - and we have been frantically looking for him. He is like my child. Please help. bacosta@nefcom.net
Phillips, Florida 32819
Parrot - Green / Blue
Lost in Dr. Phillips area Has been around for the past few days by business offices. 407-555-1212.

Jacksonville, Florida
Cockatiel - yellow and gray with white specks
Ozzie is a 3 year old yellow and gray with white specks cockatiel.I lost him in the Woodhollow Apartment complex on the corner of Hodges Blvd. and Atlantic Blvd. He may have gone into the neighboring apartments called The Enclave.If you find or think you have found him please contact me immediately.Dana 904-254-9282 or Nathan 904-993-8654 Thanks! darkginah@cs.com
Jacksonville, Florida
Sun Conure - female
I lost a female sun conure - its needed for my male. He's lonely. Anyone finds this bird and returns it back to me will be rewarded. Color Red, yellow, orange, green, ect. Name Baby. Please help. Jack. Lost (cross streets etc) Lane and Daughtry.904-626-6509. http://birdmart.com/classifieds/lost/topic1154/
Sarasota, Florida
Pippin is a cockatiel who is mostly yellow, with very rosy cheeks, a light gray chest, and mottled gray & white wings. He may respond to the wolf whistle (it is his favorite)! He flew out the door just this afternoon and I am heartsick for not having had his wings clipped recently. I have raised Pippin from a baby, handfed him, and truly bonded with this little treasure. I love him dearly. I am heartsick and I implore anyone who lives in Sarasota or in communities surrounding Sarasota, please keep your eyes open. He was lost in the section of MacEachen Blvd near the corner of Bee Ridge & Beneva, but I was startled by high how into the air he went and how long he stayed up circling, so he may have flown farther. Check http://www.birdhotline.com/viewlos2.htm for photo. If you have any information please contact me via email girlnyelo2@aol.com or phone (941)921-2465. THERE IS A REWARD!!!!! Thank you.
Orlando, Florida
Cockatiel - Whiteface Albino redeyes
lost My Albino Male Cockatiel. He is not banded. He doesn't talk but whistles alot and loves to snuggle. He never bites. I lost him in the Dog Park area in Orlando Florida. The to be more specific is off Mills and Greenwood Near Gore and the 4o8 (east/west) He does have an eye problem I was treating when he left. His right eye will look a little swelled like cherry eye in a dog. Reach me at SwPearl99@aol.com. 407 895 3279. ThankYou Sandy.
Oakland Park/Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Pied Cockatiel
Misty is a 7 year old, female, pied cockatiel. She is yellow with large blotches of light gray on her body/wings and has orange cheeks. She flew out of Oakland Park (Ft. Lauderdale) home in the vicinity of NE 16 Ave & NE 38 St on 7/11/04. May have flown out of neighborhood to Wilton Manors, Lauderdale-by-the Sea, Pompano Beach or ???Misty has full flight (wings aren't clipped) and could have easily flown several miles, in any direction, out of the neighborhood. She wears a solid, silver band on her left talon with "FL 97" as part of ID. If found or sited, please call immediately. REWARD if found. 954-567-1585 Click here for photo: http://www.birdhotline.com/viewlos2.htm  e-mail: findmisty704@aol.com.
Saint Petersburg, FL - 51st Ave. N.
Whiteface Pearl Cockatiel
Please help me find my family's bird. He's the sweetest bird we've ever owned and are very heart broken. There is a reward! http://birdmart.com/classifieds/lost/topic1138/

PickwickPk, Florida
Cockatiel - yellow

904 730-6706.
St Cloud, Florida
On July 9th we lost four of our cockatiels, someone left them out of their cage on our lanai. Rocky has a band around his foot, I can't remember the number, he is gray with yellow face and white on wings, Adrienne is all yellow, ,with gray wings, Gabby is also grey with yellow face and white around the wing area plus one of his toenails is white instead of dark, Groucho is the same as Rocky and Gabby. We have had them for 10 years and hand raised them, Rocky and Adrienne are the mom & dad and the rest are their babies. Please if anyone has found them contact us at 407-957-9026, Our other three babies are missing them desperately. Thank you. jazz4430@aol.com
Kendall, Florida 33176
Quaker (green)
I came home on June 28, 2004 and my Quaker was gone, he may have escaped through the food gate or stolen. He is greatly loved and missed. This bird is banded.

Miami - Falls Area, Florida
Macaw - Blue / Gold (Female)
Rockie. Falls area (last seen near E-lake) 144th Street and 92nd Avenue. Phone: 305-321-4116. http://pets.lostandfound.com/detail.html
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Cockatiel - whiteface pearl

.Last seen 51st ave.n. Saint Petersburg, FL. There is a reward!
Mandarin, (NE Florida)
African Gray Parrot

.5# Banded "Sammy." 3yrs. 904 886-7300 or 536-5227.
Niceville, Florida
Glory escaped while we were staying next to the DESTIN MID-BAY BRIDGE on the Niceville side. He is Mostly yellow with grey patches on his wings and a grey stripe across his chest. He has a purple band around his Right? (not sure) leg. With the Code LMN123 or LMP123. He is about 6 months old and very tame. Loves people. One of his chirps sounds like a kids squeeky toy. I miss my baby very much if you have any information call me @ 334-503-9135. Thank-you bynum_bunch@yahoo.com
Delray Beach, Florida
Green Wing Macaw
She's big and loud. Says Hello, Good Girl, and Bob. Her mate is in mourning and calls to her constantly. Please help. We live West of Military Trail and North of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. She was last seen flying south. Lynne Blaker 561-865-4865 blaker2@bellsouth.net.
Naples, Florida
Parrot - Blue and Gold
My parrot got out of it's flight cage at the Aviary of Naples in Naples, Fl. There is a reward of 500 if found. My number is 239 7342215 or e-mail me at beldob@msn.com . Thank-you Katherine.
Key West, Florida 33040
Parrot-Green / Red (Male)
Green Parrot 14" Male Eclectus. Phone: 305-849-0832/305-304-2918. http://pets.lostandfound.com/detail.html
Leesburg, Florida
Sun Conure
Near 19 & 27 on 6/28/04. Please check your bird feeders. Reward. Owner heartbroken. Call 352-429-3425.

Palm Bay, Florida
Sun Conure
Beautiful Bright Sunburst of colors mostly Orange yellow green red.
Lost in Palm Bay Florida somewhere between Lockmar school and heading west on Emmerson To Coral Reef drive. We were driving and the cage
was in the back of the pickup and we are not sure where she got out.
She is banded. THERE IS A REWARD!! Contact 321-728-9759 frenzy36.

Jacksonville, Florida
Cleaning lady accidentally let our cockatiel out the garage door on
6/24/2004. Tiger is fully flighted and has been for 5 years. Skilled
flyer. We have had him since he was born and miss him.. Area is
Southside in Jacksonville, Florida, Baymeadows, Craven, Old Kings
Road South area. He was one street over the same day but would not
come down so we left him for the night and went back at 6 A.M. he was
gone from the tree have not seen or heard him since. Reward.. We
posted on WWW.JAXLOSTPETS.org pictures in that add.
Shirley. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/911ParrotAlert/message/64?threaded=1
South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
Citron Cockatoo
Lost my best friend March 1, 2004. $1000 REWARD. Female, 8 years old
White with orange crest, red eyes. No band. identifiable by her short, stubby toenails. Courtney Landsman - anyone may contact me with information. 786-351-6763. 305-861-9004.